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We've got your back.

About Us

Using body-centered therapeutic and systemic approaches, we welcome what is present and reconnect to what's been lost. We follow the thread of your distress using your triggers as a portal inward, revealing inner parts yearning to be found. When these parts are heard and processed, we restore wholeness and expand our capacity for life.


Our Team 

Our Team Members are multidisciplinary healing facilitators who are:

  • Trauma-informed

  • Body-centered therapeutic listeners

  • Trained in inner parts integration and intergenerational influences

  • Skilled in a variety of complementary healing practices and nervous system regulation techniques

  • Trained in revealing and healing subconscious patterns that fuel distress (issues in the tissues).

You're automatically matched to the next available practitioner at the time you select.

A Little Background
Laura & Amy

Hi there, I’m Laura Widman, co-creator of Backpocket Confidante.

My work in the world came to me via the suffering of my child. Confronted with symptoms that had no immediate cure, I began a fierce and determined search to provide relief for her and for our family. After years of learning, training, experimenting, and weaving of threads, I hold space for my clients now from a much richer perspective, which includes the impact of inherited trauma and the messages held in body, mind, and soul.

Using an alchemical toolkit that combines the most effective aspects of Systemic and Family Constellation therapy, Applied Psychoneurobiology, Somatic Integration, Energetic Medicine, and Mental Field therapy, I guide clients to make contact with what is yearning to be heard, and felt. In those moments of reconnection, there often arises an extraordinary and palpable vibration of love. In that field of love, there is true healing.

"Working with you proved to be more effective than 8 years of therapy. Having your support at my most vulnerable moments propelled my healing in a way I couldn't have imagined." - Jessica P. client


Laura Widman, M.A. and Amy Painter, M.A.

Welcome. I'm Amy Painter, co-creator of Backpocket Confidante. For three decades, I worked in the communications field in the public and private sectors. Although my work with corporate, governmental, educational, and non-profit organizations was informative, it was not transformative. I desired a purpose-driven vocation that answered my soul's longing to be and do so much more.


In following guidance to work with others who also felt stuck in their jobs and stagnant in their lives, I trained at the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, and studied Vibrational Healing, Energetic Medicine, Shadow, and Integrative Parts Work. With help from many extraordinary coaches and healers along the way, my pain became my portal to freedom. Since rebirthing a life I love, I've had the joy of working with sensitive, radiant, and caring souls who know they have so much to offer the world, but feel stuck, discouraged, undervalued, and unsure how to create freedom on their terms. Does this sound familiar?


My passion is to help you make profound shifts and awaken into your fullest, most joyful expression. This process takes courage and conviction, asking that you unravel who you think you are in order to reveal who you are meant to become. I'm committed to spiritual entrepreneurship and to partnering with you as you amplify your light and bring it to the world. I can't wait to work together! 

Backpocket Confidante was born from a need in our own lives

and in our community.

For most of our lives, we have fielded daily calls from friends, family, co-workers, or clients in some form of distress. They did not need therapy per se, but yearned to be heard by a skilled listener, a confidante they trusted completely.


They requested our feedback, reassurance, honest opinions, and focused presence. They valued our willingness to hear all of the hard and sometimes horrific things they weren't comfortable sharing with anyone else – they knew we had their backs and would never judge or shame them.

After years of training and working with our own trauma, we have come to honor and respect the messages held in the body along with the power of somatic work.

Trauma can live in our mind and body, and our triggers serve as treasure maps to hidden parts ready to be revealed and healed.

Let our decades of professional training, certifications, skills, and hard won contentment guide you toward a more vibrant and satisfying life.

We love supporting you as you strengthen the bridge of awareness that connects your innate truth to the genius of your heart. 

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