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Ticket to Freedom
Finding Refuge Within


6-Week Course
Jan. 14 - Feb. 18, 2024



3:30 - 5:30 pm PT

Online (Zoom)

Finding Refuge Within

Ticket to Freedom

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Finding Refuge Within

A 6-Week Online Experiential Journey to Rest, Recover,
& Renew

Jan. 14 - Feb 18, 2024
Sundays, 3:30 -5:30 pm PT

Finding Refuge Within, the first leg of your Ticket to Freedom, is a journey of body, mind and soul. We welcome you into sacred space, and honor all that brought you here. After a challenging journey, we offer you rest and time to recover so you are able to re-nourish and fortify yourself. Exploring techniques that invite your nervous system to return to safety allows you to become aware of old patterns that kept you protected, but which now may limit your growth, and keep you trapped in cycles of reactivity and shame. Are you ready to break free?


After learning how to catch your breath and restore balance, you will discover your own unique ways to reckon with the path that led you here, and put voice to what yearns to be expressed. We rely on each other as we use a variety of novel transformational tools to dive into the field of consciousness, going beyond ordinary knowing, to reveal sources of suffering as well as resources for support.  We investigate personal, familial, ancestral, soul, and collective contributions to our current issues. These collaborative explorations are both illuminating and fun!

Let's celebrate our arrival in the safe-house as we prepare our sturdy foundation for the gathering of pieces, and the reclamation to come, in the next leg of your Ticket to Freedom...


For the Journeyer Who is Ready to...

- Master effective techniques to reduce reactivity and restore calm

- Actively release limiting patterns 

- Identify your triggers to transform your pain

- Shift out of feeling stuck and alone

- Build your resiliency toolkit to handle life's challenges

- Heal anxiety, overwhelm and despair

- Receive the support of a caring, safe, and conscious community 

Enjoy a Richly Supportive Program that Includes:​

  • Free admission to all current events

  • Somatic safety and reconnection

  • Calming and grounding practices

  • Inner child and higher self integration

  • Evidence-based tools for regulating your nervous system

  • Experiential explorations for transformative insights and fresh perspectives

  • Breaking free from inherited entanglements 

  • HeartWork (homework that you'll actually want to do)

  • Somatic Listening Buddies who provide ongoing witnessing, reflection, and attunement

Image by Becca Tapert

Meet Your Guides


I am Laura, and I am deeply honored to join you in Part I of this series where we focus on something dear to my heart. Finding safety in the body/mind is a crucial and often overlooked step in the journey to actualize of our gifts. So many of us were born without knowing what safety actually feels like in our bodies. We struggle our entire lives with a background hum of anxiety, and are often prone to overwhelm, over-reactivity or freeze states. Amy and I created this experiential exploration for people like us – cycle-breakers committed to personal growth and empowered self actualization. I am elated to walk beside you as you cultivate a safe somatic foundation from which to rise and shine.

I am Amy. Laura and I hope you will join us for what is in many ways a portal for your soul's evolution. It all begins with safety. Did you know it's possible to feel unsafe without even realizing it? For years, I wondered why I was unable to attract my soul partner, financial abundance, and an abiding sense of ease and flow despite deep spiritual work. I felt anxious and unsafe in my body, and my fear and unresolved trauma patterns, chased away everything I so desperately wanted to create. The truth was that not only did I hold a core wound that I wasn't good enough, but even beneath that, I sensed it not safe to be me – not the real me – just the performative, people-pleaser version of me. Now, as I continue to watch my life transform in ways I could not have imagined, I know it's possible to build safety within, and that this, along with having the courage to explore our inner parts and our shadow, changes everything. Laura and I are here to help you create a deep and abiding sense of safety so you can begin to create well-being, joy, success, and every beautiful thing you aspire to. You deserve this and more.


Laura Widman, M.A.

Amy Painter, M.A.

Group Hug
"Wow! Blown away by Laura and Amy's facilitation. The Constellation work I did felt like I entered a whole new level of understanding of my entire life."

Marie B., Course participant

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