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Live Your Mission​

Coaching Core Healing ​

Resolve Your Pain. Reclaim Your Power.
Reawaken Your Gifts.


Artwork: Danu - Irish/Celtic mother goddess (and primoridal water goddess) by Luciana Hartwin, theLilithverse

Let the transformation begin.

Welcome to the rebirth of an expanded and empowered new you.


 Has the spell

of this lifetime 
caused you to forget
who you really are?

Are you ready to remember your gifts?

amy looking down.jpg
amy looking down.jpg

You are a celestial being who came here to shine your light

You've lived many lives. Birthed planets. Navigated the cosmos. You're more powerful than you know. If you're stuck in a life that doesn't fulfill you, or frustrated you're not living up to your potential, you're in the right place. 

My name is Amy, and I support star seeds who are ready to heal their pain at its core (whether ancestral, past-life, galactic...), discover and amplify their unique expression, and contribute their gifts and goddesshood to the world.


​My clients are sensitive, spiritual, courageous, purpose-driven women (and a few extraordinary men) who are committed to releasing what does not serve and stepping into their leadership.


My role is to clear the pathway to help you remove the layers that stand between you and who you were born to be.

Are you ready to release your blockages
so you can step into
your mastery and your mission? 

I've got you.


Powerful support during a time of transition.

Els V., healer, counselor, Belgium

"Amy is a very powerful healer. Through her light language, great energy comes through. Each time, my energy field shifts and changes. This time, many tears flowed, and after the tears, I felt a warm welcome because of the soft and tender voice of the light language. This was an entire journey into my root chakra. The trauma of survival was stored in my bones. When the trauma was released, a lot of empowering energies revealed themselves: like my Indian tribe and the fairies. My healing energies are getting stronger by embracing my playful and feminine side instead of my controlling side. Thank you so much, Amy, for this powerful healing! My feet and grounding chakra feel very alive and strong. I am very relaxed and joyful."

Our world needs your gifts.

Ready to reimagine what's possible for you?

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