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Receive Ongoing Text & Audio Support

Would you like daily personal connection and support to assist you and your animal via direct messaging? 

In Your Pocket is an online monthly membership service that provides you with private 1:1 support in the form of direct written or audio messages when you need connection, insight, guidance, or relief on any issue.

Here When You Need Us

Reach out when you're feeling upset and/or seeking greater clarity, calm, and balance. 

  • When you sign-up for access to In Your Pocket, our private membership service, you'll receive timely, 1:1 personalized support, encouragement, and mentoring in response to your needs.

  • Gain access to our private online Facebook community where you can also share your needs or wisdom with fellow members.

  • Membership is monthly, and you can renew as often as you wish.



Connect on a closed Facebook page via Messenger

Weekday 9 am - 5 pm Pacific time & Limited Weekend Support

1:1 Private Communication

Receive Up to 3 Responses per Day (weekdays)

Timely Responses
Allow up to 24 hours (weekdays) for responses during peak times


$50 Monthy Membership
Renew as You Wish

"Thank you for getting me started on this process. You made me see the situation from a different perspective. You were a light, encouraging me with your words of wisdom. I already feel so much better and more enthusiastic after releasing."

Jeanette Z., client

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