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When tended to with expert guidance, your pain can be a portal to your passion and your purpose.
We offer several ways to transform core wounds and belief systems, relieve stress and overwhelm, and embody your highest potential, all within a safe and loving space.


Phone Sessions/Packages

We offer 1:1 immediate phone support sessions of varying lengths when you need them most, as well as transformational coaching packages for ongoing self discovery, support, and the opportunity to make major shifts. When you need to be heard, met, and witnessed, we are here. Explore what is holding you back, release fears and old programming, and explore somatic attunement to bring you clarity, potency, and freedom.


Join us for for a transformational journey of the body, mind, and soul to help you reveal, feel, heal, and reclaim your magnificence. In partnership with a community of sisters committed to growth and self-discovery, we will engage in a process of deep Reconnection, Reclamation and Rebirth.

In Your Pocket

For ongoing support, we offer a closed social network membership where you can privately share personal issues, needs, and questions, and receive personal responses from our team via direct messages or voice memos to help you stay connected and on track.


Join us for a rich array of online opportunities for exploration, healing, and self-discovery. Gather, grow, and connect deeply with others while practicing tools that enliven, inspire, and enrich your life. During gatherings, we explore together, enjoy each other's company, and share our wisdom. Our workshops enable you to discover new topics of interest and gain new understanding and awareness.

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