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How Our Animal's "Inner Child" Holds the Key to Health & Happiness

The Kindred Beings Weekly Wag


May 18, 2024 


Welcome to our Kindred Beings blog titled the Weekly Wag. This is Amy Painter, and I'm delighted to share a little about how to support your animal's wellbeing.


There is a saying "happy spouse, happy house." I often apply this to our inner child. When our inner child (we all have one) is neglected, we may feel deeply unsettled (anxious, upset, depressed, angry...) without knowing why. And, if we are willing to listen to this young part, and parent to him or her in a loving manner, we can restore a sense of safety and equilibrium within our adult body.


This work is powerful and so worthwhile. Our young parts hold the keys to our healing as adults, pointing us to the emotions, memories, and needs we may have suppressed and learned to subjugate during childhood. When heard and held, our little ones can come alive within us, offering their creativity, imagination, and a beautiful sense of wonderment that make life so much richer and more fun. "Happy inner child, happy life."


Until this week, I hadn't realized how vital it is to work with our animals' inner children, particularly in the event of an early trauma. I'm so grateful to beautiful Milo for showing me the potency of this work. Milo is a 10-year-old palomino gelding who lives in Arizona. This past week, I was hired to do an energetic healing for Milo because he's been tossing his head when bridled (to the vexation of his human caretaker and rider), and "not acting like himself."


When I connect with animals, several things jump out: physical issues and ailments (medical intuition), and the soul's decries and aspirations (messages about the animal's purpose, deep-seated wisdom, guidance for the human caretaker, and so on).


As I tuned in to ask what was happening with Milo, I felt palpable pain in my stomach. This was followed by a visual of Milo with colic (a serious and sometimes deadly condition for equines). Then, I saw parasites, toxins, and infectious agents that can plague the GI tract.


So, I began doing healing work, weaving streams of light into Milo's biofield while singing "light language," a powerful form of vibrational medicine that impacts the electrical and magnetic energy in the body to stimulate healing. The light and sound formed a sort of golden matrix around his body.


After a few moments, I noticed that this field of golden light and sound was not as dynamic as it usually is. The ribbons and streams of energy were static, as if stuck, forming a tight grid around Milo rather than flowing through his body in what often looks like a dance of light and sound.


Since I do not force healings or override a being's free will, I stopped to ask what was required for the healing to move through the energetic layers and into the physical body.


That's when I felt an overwhelming sense of grief. I received an image of Milo as a newborn foal. His birth had been difficult, and there was a clear sense of despair and trauma as well as an image of a blood hemorrhage. I then saw his sibling who had not survived.


As a mature horse, Milo continued to hold immense grief for his twin - not in his conscious mind, but in his belly. The magnitude of his loss was undeniable. There it was, held within the tissues of his body.


So, while tuned into this exquisitely sensitive being, I sat down and held him as if his head were in my lap. Even though Milo lives 1,100 miles away, our energetic connection was so strong that his inner child/foal received the healing and comfort as if I were physically present. And as I soothed him, his fear and grief were finally able to flow as he mourned. Within a short period of time, Milo released years of trapped emotions - emotions that had formed a blockage in his intestines, in the "pit" of this stomach. The only way he knew to communicate his pain was to toss his head in an attempt to show his human that he hurt.


This was the first time I ever worked consciously with a horse's inner child/foal, and it was a deeply moving experience. Milo has integrated the energy medicine, and is steadily improving every day. I now have a new understanding of this dimension of healing and how powerful the inner "child" is to our animals' health and wellbeing, no matter what the species.

 If you'd like to better understand your beloved's needs, address problems, enhance your relationship, and seek greater clarity, healing, and relief for animal-related issues, reach out today.

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