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A Change of Course: Unveiling Animal Wisdom and Lessons for Humanity

Updated: Jun 28

One of the things I enjoy most is spending time with animals. Large and small, wild and domestic, I adore them all — though, if I had to pick a favorite, it would be the Beluga whale. To me, cetaceans are pure magic, inviting us to remember that dance, song, and play are the elixirs of life.

Animals demonstrate with such purity what really matters. Their quiet wisdom, zest for life, and generosity of spirit humble me.

I wonder if it's the same for you? What is your favorite animal? Do you find yourself stopping to appreciate the song birds in the branches overhead, or pausing to greet your neighborhood cat as she makes the rounds? Do animals lighten your burdens? Brighten your day?

In an effort to align my life with my values, I began working as an animal sitter in the Pacific Northwest after my dog, Max died. Then, the real tidal shift began when I brought to close a 30-year career in marketing communications, editorial, and brand development work. At last, as I finally began to pay attention to my body's needs and to attune to the subtle whisperings of my soul, I raised my sails and made the slow turn into the coaching, animal communication, and energy medicine I had studied for years, setting course for the life of my dreams.

During this period of time, my newly minted "animal sitter/dog walker" direction brought joy, play, companionship, and a sense of stability during a turbulent few (COVID) years on this planet. My transition, really more of a metamorphosis, continues to terrify me at times because I'm still steadying into this change of course and releasing years of corporate conditioning as I chart my new destination with each passing day.

This sea change has also required me to check my ego at the door. Not for a moment do I believe that working with animals is any less important than directing communications, though our culture certainly does. The truth is that trading my job title for a mission that's in service to Gaia's children seemed a small price to pay for the freedom to be true to my heart.

More than two years after coming about, I have an extraordinary circle of human and animal clients whom I adore. I continuously marvel at how blessed I am to work with such thoughtful, loving people and their wonderful, wise animals. Every kindred being with whom I partner, be it for energy healing work, communication, or care, feels like my own. And, each takes its place within my very full heart.

Currently, I'm caring for my darling Bernedoodle friend, Louie. If Jim Henson had known Louie, there would be a muppet named in his honor. Perhaps it would look like a cross between Animal and Fozzie, though graced with the noble countenance of an 18th century French king. This loving, eighty-something-pound joy magnet is blessed with an abundance of charisma and a passion for great bear hugs (about 10-15 per day) topped with full-face kisses. If you've visited the Kindred Beings website, you'll see images of Louie splashed throughout (see also below) because he's unabashedly handsome, and a little bit of a ham. He also works for free, unless treats count.

The other night, I listened to Louie as if we were in a formal animal communication/listening session. He shared many things. Here are some highlights from our conversation that I hope will demonstrate just how observant, sensitive, and caring animals are.

In Louie's words:

  • What I love most is being with my family, especially when everyone is home. There is nothing more important to me. I enjoy making them laugh and seeing how happy they are when we're all together.

  • I want my family to know that I see them. I know who they are and exactly how they feel. Whenever anyone around me is sad, I help them feel better. Why do you think I like to hug so much? This world needs more hugs (and kisses).

  • My mission is to uplift humans and other dogs too. To show them the joy of life.

  • Life is not meant to be so serious. That's why I play. It's my way of inviting you to play with me so you can laugh and let go. And, if that happens to lead to a good belly rub for me, then so be it.

  • I can also help you humans see who you really are. Can't you see the love in my eyes when I look at you? I'm showing you, reflecting back, what you do not see in yourselves.

  • Humans are so hard on themselves, so preoccupied with things that don't matter. Let us (animals) help you see your beauty both inside and out.

  • I feel so lucky. I have a wonderful life with such deep respect and excellent care. There are no words to describe how much I love my parents. We are a family in body and soul.

  • Since you asked what foods I like, I want my parents to know that I would enjoy a warm ham and cheese panini. That's Italian, right? And, keep the bully sticks coming every day.

I love my work! How does it get any better than this?

With much love to Louie, his family, and every member of the animal kingdom,


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