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The tale of three clients today...

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Nurturing a Felt Sense of Safety

Today I fielded 3 callers before lunchtime.

The first caller was clearly overwhelmed and losing her ability to regulate. Her first words on the phone were expressed through tears, finally having the time and space to flow.

The second caller this morning shared her chronic pain symptoms, and terror of dying just like her husband did last year.

The third caller is navigating the devastation of a breakup and all the writhing tentacles of shock, grief, rage, and loss.

Their issues differed, but when we followed the threads of their distress into their body mind we found forlorn and wounded younger parts yearning for tender reassurance, re-connection, and integration. When we asked what their little selves needed back then, all three of the clients reported that their little ones requested Safety.

How do we restore and continue to nurture the feeling of safety in our bodies? What if we started life in the womb already feeling the shock waves of fear? Can we rebuild resiliency in a chaotic and confusing, world? Yes, indeed!

Having a felt sense of safety in the body is fundamental to all lasting healing work. A flexible and adaptable nervous system can return to a healthy state on its own, but what about a traumatized, dysregulated nervous system that has never really known safety? The level of physical and emotional safety a child experiences impacts how an adult interacts in the world on every level. When we develop emotional safety, it provides us with a foundation from which to thrive, express ourselves authentically, heal our trauma, and cultivate deep and comforting connections.

Whether in our call sessions, courses, or events, we are committed to providing your nervous systems with opportunities to learn how to regulate emotional energy without becoming threatened in the face of emotional vulnerability, conflict, or intimacy. These practices encourage a greater capacity for connection, and a decrease in emotional reactivity.

Here are few of the topics we address in our courses and online gatherings.

1. Emotional Discovery and Acknowledgment: Understanding what emotion is, how to notice and acknowledge them as they either flow through the body or stagnate, escalating into chronic pain or symptoms of dis-ease. When we practice accepting and reckoning with our experiences with skilled guidance, we experience our emotional armoring and protectionism start to melt. Self-validation is a powerful process. Discovering younger parts of yourself that you were not consciously aware of, or never knew were so wounded, can be challenging. The wonderful thing is that the exploration also liberates and reconnects you with your innocence, playfulness, joy, and wisdom.

2. Restoring emotional boundaries. This process leads to a palpable feeling of containment and embodiment which creates a sense of safety in the nervous system so it can begin to feel, release, process and integrate emotional energy.

3. Emotional Reclamation and Cultivating Space: We to begin differentiating what belongs to us and what we may be flowing for others. We cultivate awareness and space to observe thoughts, sensations, and emotional reactions which leads to more clarity and choice.

If you are feeling like you want to explore what it feels like to live in a body that feels safer in relationship to itself and the world, give us a call or check out our courses and online gatherings. We welcome you in whatever state you are in and sit by your side with respect and compassion.

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