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Ticket to Freedom
Reclaim Your Sovereignty


4-Week Course
March 3 - 24, 2024




3:30 - 5:30 pm PT

Online (Zoom)

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Ticket to Freedom

Part II:

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Reclaim Your Sovereignty

A 4-Week Experiential Journey to Ignite Your Power & Reclaim Your Purpose

March 3 - 24, 2024
Sundays, 3:30 - 5:30 pm


Reclaim Your Sovereignty begins by revealing our past, finding safety in sharing our stories with compassionate listeners, and somatically processing our pain at a rate and pace that honors our body, mind and souls. With skilled guidance, we begin to traverse our inner landscapes, following our triggers as portals to hidden parts of ourselves begging to be met, heard, understood, and loved. With gentle and respectful tending, we gather up our innocence, wisdom, and creativity, often frozen in younger parts of ourselves. Integration allows us to find freedom from repeatedly tripping over trauma whenever we seek our greatness.


We practice self healing techniques and witness the reclamation process in action with our sisters in circle. Together, we loosen up our holding patterns, lay down our armor, and trust each other with our unadorned truth. Simultaneously, we actively engage in deepening our understanding of our own needs, desires, and yearnings and how to best address them. As we start to hear our own authentic voices arise from the cacophony of conditioning, we begin to reclaim our sovereign selves, and sage wisdom.

Our external world becomes an invitation to grow and evolve our inner magnificence. We emerge from these cocoons of internal digestion reorganized, with our dignity intact, our confidence renewed, and our gifts ready to take flight on wings energized by pure hearts.

Brilliant possibilities are on the horizon, catalyzing our Rebirth...


For the Journeyer Who is Ready to...


- Connect with lost or wounded to integrate inner child and higher self

- Identify your triggers to transform your pain

- Learn effective ways to heal anxiety, overwhelm, and despair

- Reveal hidden entanglements to break free of paralyzing obstacles 

- Develop a deep connection with yourself, and your desires, yearnings, and needs.

- Practice speaking your truth, softening emotional defenses and armoring

- Expand your resiliency toolkit to handle whatever life brings

- Connect with your unique gifts and abilities

- Reclaim your sense of sovereignty, dignity, self worth, and vitality

Enjoy a Richly Supportive Program that Includes:​

  • Free admission to all current events

  • Somatic recovery and reconnection

  • Calming and grounding practices

  • Inner child and higher self integration

  • Evidence-based tools for regulating your nervous system

  • Experiential explorations for transformative insights and fresh perspectives

  • Breaking free from inherited entanglements 

  • HeartWork (homework that you'll actually want to do)

  • Somatic Listening Buddies who provide ongoing witnessing, reflection, and attunement


Meet Your Guides


Finding our sovereign voice in a chaotic world is no easy task. I have co-created Part II of this course with Amy, specifically to help you reconnect and integrate lost or frozen inner parts that often hold our truth, innocence, playfulness, and wisdom. Growing up, we often give away bits of our authenticity in order to achieve belonging – in our families, in classrooms, jobs, religious communities, and in partnerships. I know I did. Belonging is critical to survival, but so is connecting with and honoring our true selves. Together, we resurface our needs, desires, and yearnings that will catalyze new perspectives, possibilities, and pathways to express our brilliance without apology.

Laura Widman, M.A.

Years ago, when spiritual teachers would tell me 'the answers are within,' or 'just ask your inner guidance,' I wanted to scream with frustration. When I tuned into myself, all I could hear were crickets chirping. Nothing. Not even a whisper. It wasn't until I worked with a wonderful teacher who taught Internal Family Systems, or 'parts work,' that I began to understand how to connect within in a clear and powerful way. As I began to acquaint myself with my inner protector, inner critic, and most especially, my inner child, a light switched on, and it was as though I liberated my sense of self. I began to understand how to access and care for precious and precocious parts of me I had abandoned long ago. These were the very same parts that held the wisdom to guide me into my truth, my wisdom, my imagination, and ultimately, my authority. In Part II, prepare to reclaim the parts of yourself who hold the keys to your inner treasure. Let's go for the gold! 


Amy Painter, M.A.

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