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Animal Communication | Healing & Attunement


Understand Your Animals
To Help Them Live Their Best Lives

Artemis, Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, Luciana Hartwin at The Lilith Verse.


Our beloved animals are our
sacred friends, wayshowers, and healers.
Their lives are intrinsically connected to our own.


My role is to get to the heart of your animal's needs
to provide greater connection, clarity, and wellbeing
for you both.

Image by Nick & Djalila

"You were spot on with helping me meet my new puppy's soul! As we saw the past life we shared, I was able to understand what kind of energy she was going to bring into our family in this lifetime. You were completely right about her being more of a family dog instead of just being ‘mine’ like my last dog was. Understanding the shared energetics we have from previous lifetimes aids me in knowing her demeanor now. Your ability to connect with my dog who died and our new puppy gave me the peace I was craving."

~Erica VanEaton, client, Quantum Alchemist Intuitive

Image by Kote Puerto

Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call to tell me about your kindred being & your needs.

Who Are They & What Do They Want You to Know?

My name is Amy

I'm an interspecies communicator and multidisciplinary healing practitioner. My gift is to reveal messages from the soul that inspire powerful new awareness, and to help heal wounding and subconscious patterns within animals and humans that fuel distress and illness. 


Are you ready to strengthen your relationship, enhance their wellbeing, and navigate your journey together with greater clarity and ease? Let's explore their needs and tap into their wisdom so you can both thrive.


Photo of Jane, a skilled therapy donkey and resident diplomat at the wonderful Mountain Meets Farm rescue and sanctuary. 




Animal Communication

  • Understand what's going on, how they are feeling & what they need

  • Learn what messages and wisdom they wish to share with you

  • Enhance your connection

  • Discover their soul mission

  • Explore the underlying causes of behaviors, imbalance, or illness

  • Receive intuitive guidance and reassurance when you need help navigating options

  • Make clearer decisions

  • Receive grief support and guidance during transitions


Healing Pathways

  • Powerful energy medicine to promote health, wellness, and greater ease

  • Support for you and your animal to release projection and shared
    emotional burdens

  • Address physical injury, illness, trauma, transitions & more at their root cause

  • Alleviate imbalance and stress 

  • Heal layers of trauma and fear

  • Restore wholeness and balance

  • Relieve core wounding and pain to allow for transformation, ease, and new possibilities

Image by Leio McLaren
Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Image by Yerlin Matu


Our animals want to be seen, heard
and understood.
Their health and happiness depends on this.
Here is how I support you both:

  • Decoding your animal’s behaviors, needs, motivations, and feelings

  • Providing the opportunity to ask questions and get direct answers

  • Alleviating anxiety, worry, and stress that are shared among family members

  • Offering guidance in holistic care and wellness choices

  • Providing comfort and compassionate support during difficult times so you don't feel alone

  • Sharing what your animal wants you to know about navigating their end-of-life process

  • Discover the deeper soul contract between you and your animal

  • Enhancing connection, harmony, and enjoyment in your relationship

emily percy.JPG

"Percy wasn’t adjusting to his new, senior sister the way I thought he might. He’s always thrived in the company of other dogs, so it surprised me that he didn’t welcome her. A few weeks later, Percy also had a few days of lethargy and pain. The vet diagnosed him with arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. A brief trial of meds helped, but he still lacked his normal zest and spunk. Amy helped him understand the new addition to the family and emphasized his role as top senior dog and mentor. She and Percy also talked about his favorite foods, supplements, and other likes and dislikes. I made all suggested changes, and Percy has retuned to his lively, playful, sometimes puppy-like ways. We’re back to long hikes and adventure walks with him leading the way. It’s so good to have my enthusiastic, joyful boy back and to know I’m providing the best support for him. Thank you!"
~Emily P., counselor

What Sets
Kindred Beings Apart

You and your animal are intrinsically connected. You may reflect one another, sharing each other's joys, anxieties, and sorrows. I can identify how to support your animal when he/she is shouldering too many of these burdens and suffering.

Animals are also here to live a unique soul mission that must be understood and respected. This is why I take a systems approach, exploring your larger family system and unseen dynamics to deepen awareness, invite healing, and promote wellbeing.

amy louie cute.jpg

Curious to Learn More?

Book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call to share a little about your animal & explore how I can support you both.

Green Eyed Cat

"I felt so anxious when I had to wait for Ella's blood tests. 
I felt alone and needed kind and effective support to make a clear decision.
I got that from you, and so much more. So very grateful."
~Andrea F., retired

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