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Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I prepare for a session?

No worries. When you sign up for a session on our Book Online page, we include a "Read More" section for each service. Here, you can read about how it works, and what you'll need. We also send you an email that includes this information. For Support for You sessions, it's beneficial to prepare any questions and/or intentions you have ahead of time, and to plan to be in a quiet space during your call. For Energy Healing and Animal Communication sessions, you will want to share a photo of your animal (that shows his/her eyes). You will also want to prepare your questions ahead of the session, and plan to be in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed during the call portion of the appointment. 

2) Do I need to have my animals do anything during a session?

Please allow your beloved to be comfortable. Some animals will remain near you during the appointment. Others will proceed with their daily routines. Your animal will be aware of energy transmissions and communication/listening sessions. They may wish to spend time playing, or they may simply sleep right through it. Each situation is unique.

3) Do I need to be physically present with my animal during my session?

No. We connect with your animal through your heart and through the greater field of awareness. During a Support for You session, it is important that you are not multi-tasking, driving, or otherwise distracted. Please be able to devote all your attention to the process. During Energy Healing or Animal Communication sessions, the work with your animal is done remotely following the phone intake portion of the appointment. So, there is nothing you need to do, though it's always beneficial to relax if you're able to do so. Also, it is possible for emotions to come up, so you will want to be somewhere you feel safe.

4) Can I call anytime to have you talk to my animal?

No. You need to book an appointment for this service. 

5) How does your Ongoing Support service work?

This service is helpful for anyone who needs ongoing support. Some clients use this when their animal is sick; when preparing for a transition; during a time of uncertainty; during the grieving process; to help navigate decisions and options; when welcoming a new animal; and so on. This support is primarily for humans, and is not the same as an Energy Healing or Animal Communication session. We recommend you book these fuller sessions for healings and communication/listening needs and questions. Online Support is intended to provide comfort, emotional care, deep listening, sensitive coaching, and gentle guidance, and is tailored to your specific needs. You can join for a month at a time. This is a great, cost-effective way to be able to check-in as you need, and receive a high level of support on a regular basis. Learn more here.

6) Does my animal have to be ill to work with you?

No. Many clients call to check in on their animal’s well-being. It's beneficial to learn about what your beloved may want or need. They can also provide powerful words of wisdom for the benefit of their human family members.

7) Can you tell why an animal is sick?

Our sessions provide information that can be helpful to you and your veterinarian. We do not diagnose illnesses or prescribe treatments. That is the role of your animal health care professional. We can identify important information about your animal's well-being which can assist you and your veterinarian in improving his or her circumstances.

8) Can you tell my animal to stop a particular behavior?

Rather than telling an animal what to do, our role is to attune to them to learn from their perspective why they are engaging in a certain behavior. What humans may consider to be bad behavior often makes sense, and is done with loving intentions, from your animal's point of view. Once this is understood, we can discuss alternatives. This can lead to resolution and a more harmonious environment. Some issues are tougher than others. We can explore them in a session with the understanding of gaining clarity. We will provide suggestions to address the issues, many of which will involve making changes (for you and your animal) to improve the circumstances. Rarely can any animal communicator offer magic fixes by simply telling your animal to stop. Connection and understanding are key. And, in certain circumstances where habits are well-established, we may recommend also engaging the services of a sensitive trainer. 

9) What if I need more time than I scheduled?

Please feel free to chose the next available appointment on our online calendar. 

10) Are there refunds if I miss my appointment?

Cancellation must be provided 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Anyone who books an appointment but does not show up will be charged for their session. To cancel or reschedule, email

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