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Co-founder Laura, foreground in purple and blue hat, is shown speaking with a client in the background.

"You were there to help me during my darkest moments."


Our clients have reported feeling more...

A relaxed, calm woman is shown holding her hands to her heart with her eyes closed.

Focused and Calm

“Having support at my most vulnerable moments, and having the darkest parts of me met with compassion, interest, wisdom and care has rewired my nervous system.“

Two women are shown giving each other high fives in an empowered pose.


"When I felt your total attention, care and witnessing, I felt heard in a way I hadn’t before. I let down my guard and opened my heart. I felt so supported.”

A woman in an orange hat is shown looking up. She is demonstrating clarity.


"I went from feeling the shock and hurt of sudden and unwanted change in my life to a feeling of sadness and then ultimately, a state of unruffled centeredness during our call."

The silhouette of a hiker on a rock lifting a leg is shown in order to convey momentum.


"I went from being completely incapacitated to feeling centered for weeks after our phone session, even despite the chaos that persisted around me."

A woman is sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees and her head resting. She conveys self-love.


“My core beliefs about myself are much kinder now, and I am a generally more hopeful person. Our call sparked real change in me. “

A man's profile is shown. He is hiking, and conveys awareness.


"You made me see the situation from a different perspective. Thank you for that!"


"I'm not sure there is anything more beautiful than having people in your life who make you feel emotionally safe."

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