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You matter. We listen.

We're here.

Welcome to Backpocket Confidante
We are trauma-informed practitioners who use leading-edge somatic strategies to help you release your pain and restore your power. 

Call on us to help
relieve your burdens, soothe your soul,
and renew your clarity, calm, and presence.

Connection is the medicine. 

If change, upheaval, and uncertainty are taking a toll on your nervous system,
we offer the antidote – skillful, focused attention, and an
approach to emotional first-aid  that can change everything. 
Think of us as listening ninjas – alchemists who can help you
transmute life's challenges into gold. 

We're ready for your call, so reach out when you need us.

"I desperately needed to unload all the stuff swirling around in my head,
keeping me perpetually stuck in a life I hate. It's unbearable...

I don't want to overburden my friends with my continual frustration and angst.
I am so relieved I found you, only wish it had been sooner."

- Kerra W.  Backpocket Confidante client

Drawing on bioenergetic approaches, somatic listening, and systemic coaching, our team of practitioners provides you a safe and confidential place to be fully heard, understood, and deeply supported.


We work primarily with bright, sensitive, talented women and men

who yearn to speak their truth and contribute their gifts to a world
that values both.

Imagine yourself feeling more fully alive and aligned with your passions and purpose, and able to negotiate everyday challenges with spaciousness and ease.

We invite you to read on for more about what we offer you.

You matter, and we're here.

With love,

Amy and Laura

Backpocket Confidante official Emblem
  • Are you tired of your life and feeling a strong desire to make changes? 

  • Do you want to speak your truth without fear or holding back?

  • Are you burned out from holding too much, over-giving, or overthinking?

  • Are you anxious, angry, stressed, or in need of clarity or peace of mind?

  • Do you feel a primal longing you can't seem to satisfy?

  • Are you feeling stuck or paralyzed?

  • Do you often feel trapped or exhausted with no time to rest, breathe, or create?

  • Are you craving relationships where you feel respected and valued ?

  • Do you seek deeper connection with your true self, with your soul?

  • Are you looking for the ultimate salve for self-care?

  • Are you ready to rise from the ashes and to thrive in your life?

Do any of these seem familiar?

Are you feeling frazzled, frustrated, overwhelmed...?

We help you heal the subconscious patterns that fuel your distress

so you can feel better.

Here at Backpocket Confidante, it's safe to be yourself, just as you are. 
When life knocks you off balance, 
we've got your back.

This image shows co-founders Laura, seated, on left and Amy, standing, on right.
“Working with you proved to be more effective than 8 years with my therapist. Having your support at my most vulnerable moments propelled my healing in a way I couldn't have imagined."

Jessica P., client

We Offer...

Focused attention and deep connection when you need it most

Listening without judgment so you feel safe in expressing what is

A safe place to feel understood and respected

Cutting-edge approaches to help you release, rewire, and renew

Fresh perspective, insight, awareness, and integration

Expert guidance and honest feedback for greater clarity, ease, and focused action

We also provide:

Community Gatherings and Workshops 
Alchemical Coaching to launch the life of your dreams

How It Works

Over the Phone

Book a phone session in the moment you need it rather than waiting days or weeks for support.

We match you with a member of our team who's available at your chosen time and date.

Feel free to call us when you need us, and to schedule future appoints to check-in or explore deeper issues.


"I need to get this off my chest."

"I'm at my wit's end."

"I don't know what to do."

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Somatic listening coaches
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Is This for You?

Reach out for expert support when you don't want to burden your family or friends, or wait weeks for an appointment.

Whether you need help with a personal or professional issue, we're here, and we've got your back.

Backpocket Confidante founders

At Backpocket Confidante,
we welcome all of you.

We aren't scared of the emotions and feelings you'd rather not show the world.

Your "negative emotions" are valid messengers, and we honor their wisdom.

Bring it! Who knows? You may just walk away with greater clarity,
confidence, and ease

Read more about us here, and explore the benefits of this work here

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